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What's New

1. 30th April (Monday) - 4pm - 4.30pm : Join 30 Minute Quick Bite Webinar on "Preventive Litigation" by AMLEGALS - Anandaday Misshra

2. 21st April (Saturday) - 4pm - Live Stream of Lawgical Connect, the Flagship event of Sastra University on Constitution & Constitutionalism - Arvind P Datar , N. Venkataraman , K.V. Viswanathan & S.Gurumurthy

Focus of Month @

1. Design and Deliver GST Health Checks & EWB Systems

2. Life Coaching for Business

3. Unlock Liquidity - Debt , Commercial Disputes , Refunds of GST/TDS Credits , Restructuring of Debts & Recovery of Dues

4. Business/Technology/Brand Transformation Strategy and Execution for Personal , Professional and Product Branding

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