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High in Demand services offered @BizStreet

1. Fund Raising & Debt Management & IPO Planning

2. Recovery of C-forms from Distributor network

3. Pre-GST Litigation Support ( VAT, Excise , Service Tax , Entry Tax , Customs)

4. Process Automation , AI , Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

5. Ayushman Bharat (Biggest Healthcare Scheme ) related Services

6. NCLT Strategies , Resolution and Insolvency Laws in India and UAE

7. Forensic & Cyber Security Audits and Implementation

8. Pre-GST Audit & Healthchecks for large companies

9. Shared Services & ERP Implementation Support

10. Brand Building and Distribution Strategy Support in "Food" Vertical

11. Training & Certification courses in Life Skills , Memory & Focus , Entrepreneurship Success

How do we manage so many things ?

Power of Shared Economy works best for clients. With 400+ senior experts world-wide we have shared capability divided into 5 by 5 vertical strategy to deliver multiple services with prompt response and our managed services approach with efficient key account management ensure delivery. Contating us is very easy with one e-mail to or or , Founder team himself will revert your call or e-mail before assigning it to expert partner. Average we manage 3500 e-mails per month and due to our personal touch supported by latest CRM technology , we are able to generate insight of 5000+ corporates in unique "feet on the street" approach.

What are the focus areas of BizStreet ?

We operate in 5 X 5 verticals.

5 Core Themes are 1. Air 2. Water 3. Food 4. Healthcare 5. Transportation

5 Core Services are

1. Tax

2.Technology (RPA,AI,ML,IOT,DL,BlockChain, ERP, ASP Tools)

3. Training ( LMS & Non LMS)

4. Talent Sourcing & Life skill Coaching

5. Transformation as a Service (Legal , Supply Chain & Sourcing, Ops, NCLT, IPO/AIF , Debt Management)

Why you choose BizStreet ?

Every Vertical is headed by Senior and Seasoned entrrepreneur / Corporate leaders with firm belief in "Shared Ecosystem" and "Collaboration" to deliver best services to Client. Our Clients are B2B , Large-Mid Size , Industry Associations and Startups as well.

Our Registered Office in Delhi and Corporate HeadQuarter in Gurgaon , we have offices in Pune, Jaipur , Dubai and Ahemdabad with partner presence in more than 50 cities across Globe. Our partners support 12+ languages , active customer base in every major sector , serving all major industry segments in "Skill to Scale" model followed with trust and transparency to share Risk & Reward with trusted and tested experts hand-picked by us for successful delivery.

Our Belief ?

We believe in taking up complex and challenging projects and deliver them with success once taken up. We do not mind saying "NO" to projects where we do not have desired capacity or available bandwidth to deliver. Our Strength lies in selection of right partners , right capabilities and right tools to deliver Client Satisfaction and Value for Money. We are neither expensive nor cheap , we are affordable.

Uberization of consulting is not new and we have many examples like Fiverr, GLG , Zimberr , Upcounsel, Avvo , Avalara , Just dial and hundreds of portals connecting people with professionals for thousands of activities. We do not work with non-committed freelancers and non-professionals.

Our USP is that we connect and deliver business with full ownership and responsibility for our trusted partners. We are not discovery , listing , aggregation or marketplace like platform without quality assurance and capability built up , because we believe that consulting and advisory can't be commoditized or labelled with price tag. Our Business model works on trust , authenticity and holistic approach towards fulfillment of Client's business need. It does not matter who owns the "client" but what matter is that How best Client can be serviced by BizStreet ecosystem ?

BizStreet Team :

Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha , Founder & Chairman (BizStreet, GSTStreet, TaxStreet) - CA & Masters in Business Finance, 18+ years of Experience in Tax, Business Development & Branding , Domain - Oil & Gas , IT / ITes , FMCG, E-Commerce , Transport Tech . He has worked in Indian Oil , Schlumberger, Oracle, Coca-Cola, Snapdeal, CloudaCar before starting BizStreet. He love helping Entrepreneur and Business owners in Business Transformation, Networking , Mentorship & Training.

contact Rishabh -

Sudhir Kumar Singh , Co-Founder & CEO (BizStreet, GSTStreet, TaxStreet) - Masters in Computer Application & IIM-Ahemdabad Alumnus , 18+ years of experience in Technology , Consulting , Training and Managing large Global IT Projects. Ex- Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Avalara & Computer Associates. Life Skill Coach , managed global projects in USA and he can help you in Technology and People Transformation. contact -

Atul Chawla - Co-founder - He is CA with 20+ experience and expertize in private equity and Debt funding. He is meditation enthusiast , love singing and aiming to make stress free society by spreading message of peace and harmony. Contact

Praveen Gupta , President - Food at BizStreet , 42 years of Global Experience in Supply chain , FMCG , Food , Pharma , Media & Publication , Brand Operations & Revival , Leadership Coaching . He has served as Head Manufacturing South East Asia in GlaxoSmithkline. Contact -

Suyash Borar , President - Healthcare at BizStreet , Well known expert & business owner in Heatlhcare and Healthtech Industry , Ex-CEO BM Birla Healthcare and CMRI , Founder & Owner Trustmedi and member of various committee on Health Care , Medical Tourism. Polo and Golf Player and managing network of 10000+ Healthcare touch points in Trustmedi. Contact -

Amit Mundhra - President- TaxStreets Global Shared Services , CA & CS with 18+ years of experience in Professional Services and Consulting. Entrepreneur with futuristic vision for promoting Shared Compliance Services with Process and Automation Focus. Contact

Parminder Singh - President Technology - TaxStreets Global Shared Services & BizStreet, He has founded BPO Industry in India and now Co-founder of AIRO Digital Labs for Digital 2.0 . He was core team member in EXL, GENPACT , NASDAQ, AMEX, Wipro Spectramind and we are working with AIRO for What Next ? Yes your guess is right we are in Robotic Process Automation, AI, Machine Learning , Deep Learning , IOT and not for name sake , but we will work with our large clients to help them optimizing processes and profits. Contact

Vaibhav Jain - Partner Mehra Goel & Co. , he is platinum partner of BizStreet and expert in GST and Management Consulting. Based out of Gurgaon and Delhi he believes in Collaboration to deliver best in class services to clients in India and world-wide.

Why BizStreet ?

1. Authentic

2. Trustworthy Partners

3. Delivery Capacity


Action speaks louder than words !!

1. Delivered GST Training to 5000+ corporates across India in 50 Cities

2. Helping large Clients in Collection of C-form , E-1 Form and Settling Commercial Disputes & Debt Recovery

3. Helping Senior Professionals with Image Consulting and Tailor Made Brand Management , PR & Communication

4. Conducted Life Skill Coaching for Senior Leadership in many companies

5. Conducted Feet on the Street Survey for large Government Project

6. Providing Domain Expert Services and Content Writing on Demand for Professional Websites / Portals

7. Review of Technology Business requirement Documents ( BRD) and Testing of Automation Workflow

8. Go to Marketing , Process Automation and Go to Customer Strategy for leading Companies

9. Franchising and Business Growth Strategies for Startups in Healthcare , Food , Water, Transport, Agriculture and Air.

10. Developing Tailor made Training and Experiential learning modules , LMS & Non-LMS both , Delivery and Project evaluation

Why us ?

We empower you in "Shared Economy " and tourbo charge delivery with 400+ expert ecosystem globally with full ownership taken by BizStreet and its Platinum Partners responsible for Key Account Management.


October 2015 - Started as GSTStreet

January 2016 - 20+ collaboration achieved and business started in first 4 months - focus was on Tax & Training

September 2016 - Started working on robust processes and Quality Checks and on-boarded 10 strong partners

February 2017 - Ventured into E-Commerce led Market place model for consulting - But Closed in 6 months

July 2017 - 5000+ Corporate reach out feet on the street with 192 Seasoned experts in 50 cities - No Media - No Hustling - No PR

November 2017 - Started VATStreet with focus to provide Shared Services to Middle East based law firms from India in GCC-VAT

January 2018 - Started TaxStreets Global to take up BEPS & Transfer Price related projects on B2B basis

March 2018 - Started Talent Sourcing and Training in Life Skill coaching with well known Mentors and Coaches ( Developing Life-Dekho Board Game)

April 2018 - BizStreet focus to develop Business Ecosystem in 5 Core Themes - 1. Air 2. Food 3. Water 4. Healthcare 5. Transport

May 2018 - Projects in Ayushman Bharat (Healthcare) , SEBI Registered Fund ( Healthcare) , Integrating Organic Farming Chain ( Food) , Consulting Alkaline Water Project ( Outdoor & Indoor under Water ) , Ride Sharing Network Application ( Transport) and Promoting Air monitoring and Air Purification Brand ( Air ) segment

June 2018 - Moving web-site to Video-site for BizStreet and started Brand Consulting and Success based Social media activation for Brick N Mortar Brands having large Distribution network , Launched 10 Cities Global Biz-Trip program for 20 members by invite . First City to be visited is Tel Aviv ( Israel)

July 2018 - Listing 1500 Organic farmers and consulting in Ayushman Bharat Scheme to Healthcare startups

Contact us :

Rishabh (Founder & Chairman) -

Sudhir Kumar Singh ( Co-founder & CEO) -

Amit Mundhra ( Co-founder) -

Suyash Borar (President Healthcare ) -

Praveen Gupta (President Food ) -

"We Can't Boil the Sea , But we can boil the Pot "

"Deliver what you have promised and Promise what you can Deliver "

"Magic of Success lies in Aspiration, Best Practices , Consistency and Discipline when multiplied together and blended with Right Efforts"

Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha, Founder & Chairman , BizStreet & GSTStreet

Examples of Services delivered by BizStreet Shared Ecosystem of Expert Partners

  1. Business Advisory & Business Execution Projects
  2. Tax Consulting & Litigation Support
  3. Debt Management ( NCLT , Fund Raising , India Investment Service)
  4. Complex Brand & Business Strategy Projects
  5. Insolvency Law , Commercial Dispute or Global Structuring Support
  6. Policy Shaping initiatives , representations and research support
  7. Personal Branding Services
  8. Technology Project & BRD Evaluation
  9. Feet on the Street Survey for Business, Project , People
  10. Talent Sourcing Projects (Hiring & Firing )
  11. Content Management Services for Professional firms & portals
  12. Life Skill and Business Coaching Programs for Large & Mid Size Corporates and CXO level
  13. Pro-Bono Mentoring to innovative Startups by seasoned experts in our 6 core themes ( we do not charge fees or mentor equity from startups )
  14. Assist Senior level professionals in finding Flexible Job and Project Options basis their expertise and experience
  15. Raising & Creating Funds - Debt , Equity , Funds of Fund , Alternate Investment Funds , Hybrid Funds , Bridge Funding

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