Shared Ecosystem

Q1- Can you define your BizStreet in one line ?

BizStreet - Yes , We help you focus only on your business and everything else is our Business.

Q2- Oh, Common ! How can you manage so many things like Finance, Tax, Funding, Technology, Operations, Shared Services, Legal, Investment Banking , M&A and so many support verticals required for success in Business ? Please explain ?

BizStreet - We are startup and premium shared ecosystem with 400+ partners curated and tested in last 3 years to deliver value and end to end support to esteemed clients and 42 Industry forums. in 50 cities. our average partner experience is 15+ years and we have touched 5000+ companies through various initiatives.

Q3 - What are these initiatives ?

BizStreet - We have delivered projects in Tax, Technology, Training, Talent Sharing & Sourcing and Transformation. We love primary feet on the street research and conducted 100+ events across cities under mega outreach drive and creating awareness about "power of Shared Economy" in the sophisticated field of consulting, litigation support and business advisory.

Q4 - Team BizStreet ?

BizStreet - Founded by Rishabh Sawansukha , we have co-founders and vertical leads from reputed organizations and Biz-Themes like Air, Food, Water, FMCG, HealthCare, Transport , Technology are driving innovation and result oriented growth strategies for our partners and clients.

Q5 - How many partnership levels you have ?

BizStreet - We have 3 level of partners in our ecosystem and selection is a rigorous and time consuming process because we are closed ecosystem driven by strict quality parameters while selecting and working with partners. Premium, Patron and Platinum are 3 levels and platinum is highest level.

Q6 - Do you charge for Partnership ?

BizStreet - Yes, Platinum partners pay for Business Development as a Service and Premium / Patron partners do not pay any charges for joining except they want to avail BizStreet services like BD, Content, Strategy, Branding, Events and Talent Sourcing to grow their business to next level.

Q7 - Who deliver services to clients ?

BizStreet - we take responsiblity and accountability of understanding Scope of work and Delivery of the same by best suited expertise in our partner ecosystem identified by us and assigned under key account management. Overall quality and timelines are monitored by us with our platinum partners.

Q8 - Who are your Platinum Partners ?

BizStreet - We have INMACS, AMLEGALS, TaxProfs, TaxStreets Global, Taxnomics, Maxgrowth, Pritam Mahure, Arun Gupta , ExpertBridge as our Platinum Partners. We have 25+ Platinum partners and focus is to covert 15 more partners from Patron to Platinum in next 2-3 years. Total Partners are 400+ in 50 Cities across the world.