Digital 2.0

Jargons of Today are Normal of Tomorrow !

Artificial Intelligence | Process Automation | Machine Learning

Internet of Things | Blockchain | Deep Learning

  1. Are you looking for world's best known companies and experts working for you ?
  2. Are you open to re-skill your current manpower and equip them with latest technology ?
  3. Are you interested in improving your "Profit after Tax" by using Technology as tool and not as threat !

Working with BizStreet mean you are dealing with best in class global companies , fastest growing startups and senior experts in Technology space to manage your every need like Training, Planning , Designing and Delivery of Projects in the area of RPA , AI , IOT , Machine Learning, Sensor Technology, Predictive Analytics , Blockchain and Social Commerce.

Our Experts comes with hands-on experience and credentials of managing

1. Large Scale Government to Citizen Service projects

2. Large Scale Projects in Fintech , Healthcare , Agri-Tech , Edu-Tech , Mobility and Training Industry

3. Automation of High Volume and Scale is no worry with BizStreet Ecosystem ( Tax, Visa , Immigration, Banking, Compliance Automation, Pay-roll etc)

4. Process Automation champions from world's largest Investment Banking firms are with us

Send your Problem Statement to and our team member will connect with you to understand your requirement in Digital 2.0 and we promise to offer you World class consulting combined with execution capability through 400+ strong partner ecosystem of BizStreet worldwide.

We Deliver what we promise and we promise what we can deliver , so rest assured.

Current Projects :

  • Captive Shared Services using RPA
  • Training and Certification on Blockchain, RPA, AI, ML , IOT
  • Classroom Coaching for Digital 2.0 Technology
  • Captive workshop for Senior Leaders and Consulting on Digital 2.0