Smart Hiring

Are you leveraging Shared Economy ??

Future of Workplace ?

Employees without Employer

Employers without Employee

Our Services

  • Business Consulting for Optimizing Resource Planning
  • On Demand Sharing of Best Talent for Key Roles
  • Outcome based - long term engagement , negotiation and drafting of Agreements / Term Sheets

Why Smart Hiring ?

  • Difficult to attract seasoned experts at Startup or A/B Series Stage
  • Easy to Hire and Easier Exit for Contractual Staffing
  • Outcome based structuring to keep your P&L in healthy shape
  • Do not use long term source of funds ( Debt or Equity) for Short Term use of Funds ( Manpower required for Growth Pipeline)
  • We specialise in on-demand , retainer-ships and Shared Service Hiring

Future of Work ?


  • No Permanent Jobs
  • New Skills expected
  • Flat Organizations
  • Collaborative Team Culture
  • Co-working and Work from Home Environments
  • Strict on outcome and KRAs


  • Looking for Projects and not Companies
  • Need time to Re-skill
  • Looking for work-life balance
  • Preferred Non-Metro living
  • Want to reduce commuting time for Work
  • Looking for Growth - inorganically

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We need 3 things to begin Smart -Hiring process for you

1. Job Profiles and Job Roles

2. Budget and When to Start ?

3. Are you open for Work from Home and Contract/ Consultant Staff ( at all levels ) to know the pricing and cost sharing models we can customize for you.