A collaborative GST ecosystem for Automation , Education , Certifications to enable Trade & Industry into GST Value Chain as critical part of Business Value Chain.

400+ Experts from diverse field , 12 Languages , Leading ASPs /GSPs , Publishers, Govt. Officials, CII, NACEN, NIESBUD, Industry Associations, TaxSutra, Media Partners, GST Portals & Apps , Authors, ERPs and Universities come together on GSTStreet to make #OneNationOneTaxOneMarket successful and contributes in smooth transition & migration.

Collaboration is the key & GSTStreet works with leading experts and professionals to offer Customized ITC Solutions, EWB Reconciliation, Trainings, Certifications, Implementation of Automated Solutions of responsible brands.

GSTStreet also work with Authors , Publishers , Robotic Process Automation Companies and GST Shared Service Providers bring value on the table for clients as single point of contact and high ROI in terms of saving and optimizing Non Income Based Taxation.

Founded by Rishabh Sawansukha with 15 initial partner firms to launch All India Training Drive with CII and PHD Chambers through 200+ events done so far and managed 5000+ corporate touchpoints through feet on the street GST Research. Today we are fastest growing GST Expert Network with 200+ Subject matter experts in our shared ecosystem including Litigation Support Services.

Contact or Call 9873416002 for meeting over cup of coffee to get GSTStreet perspective and Solutions proposed.