Global Shared Services

What ? Why ? How?

Do you have India Advantage in your P&L ?

What is Shared Service ?

Peter has a back office in India for his Global Business operations. He is smart enough to save support staff cost by choosing TaxStreet Shared Services for

1. Accounting ( Quickbooks / RealBooks /Tally / SAP )

2. Payroll and Reimbursement Processing

3. Tax Compliance & Filing ( Direct & Indirect Taxes)

4. Vendor Payment ( Accounts Payable)

5. Customer Collection ( Accounts Receivable)

6. Reconciliations ( Financial, Tax & Commercial)

7. Customized MIS & FP&A Support

8. Business & Tax Research & Excel based working

Why Shared Service ?

Power of Shared Economy is well known today and you get advantage of both Quality and Price with us. We are 400+ strong network of curated and hand-picked partner whose capability and credibility is well known. We take full responsibility of serving you because we will not start work without agreeing upon the SoW in detail.

When you need Shared Service ?

When you want Growth without compromising with Quality or increasing fixed cost of Staff in multiple jurisdiction world-wide. It is advisable to try Shared Services using Tailor made solutions by TaxStreet.

Write to or for any enquiry

or Business Proposal to automate or solve your business issues in priority

We will assign best of our partners to serve you with commitment and passion. we specialize in designing service package including consortium of experts , technologists and domain champions , ON-DEMAND.

Countries Supported by TaxStreets Global Shared Services Ecosystem

1. United States of America ( USA )

2. United Kingdom (UK)

3. United Arab Emirates ( UAE)

4. Hongkong

5. Singapore

6. Canada

7. Australia

Partnership Open for

8. Africa Region

9. ASEAN Region

10. Rest of Europe

Recommended Solutions ( Tax + Technology)

For MSME - Process driven Talent Pool

For Large Companies - Tech + Process driven Automation Plan & Shared Services (CoE)

Shared Services Partners

1. INMACS Global

2. Karnani & Co. , Jaipur

3. Shweta Jain & Co. Mumbai

4. M/s Anil Khanna & Co Mumbai

5. Agarwal Sanjeev & Co. Jaipur

6. H&R Block

7. Thomsen Reuters

8. Real Books


10. Taxnomics , UAE

11. NAM Accountants, UAE

12. TaxStreet Global Shared Services

13. Rizen Infotech Private Limited

14. 50+ Partner Firms across 50 Cities in India