Consulting , Research and Dispute Management

Do you know ?

  • Charging correct GST on our products is must to build your credibility ?
  • Gap in pre-gst and post-gst positions for classification may ignite litigation ?
  • HSN mapping automated in your ERP is must for compliance and correct GST charge for every SKU ?
  • Properly defined Category & Subcategory is important from GST perspective ?
  • keeping track of AAR , Expert opinion , Legal Opinions is important when you are developing new product or increasing your portfolio ?
  • Do you have technical study for classification dispute cases?
  • Do you have TAT and Controls defined for Classification ?
  • Do you have Industry representation pending for Rate Clarity or Reduction ?
  • Do you collaborate with Industry for Rate Classification issues ?
  • Are you compromising your past litigation by changing product classification in GST regime ?
  • Do we have back to back Indemnity for Classification disputes with Vendors / B2B Customers/ modern trade / e-commerce ?

Follow this in your best interest

  • Best of Industry and Advisory Expertize to bounce of your Classification matters
  • Collective Representation for Rate Correction and Classification issues
  • Litigation Support to protect your justified interests
  • Regular update of your ERPs on Annual Contract Basis
  • Proper mapping of HSN for your E-commerce portal
  • Classification Dispute management and Advance Ruling Support
  • Health Check of your entire value chain of inputs and outputs from HSN classification viewpoint
  • Create complete brief for your advance ruling or expert opinion seeking - do not hide vital facts
  • Harmonization of classification issues in previous excise, service tax , octroi and VAT/CST regime
  • E-commerce HSN Classification Automation for millions of SKU and products
  • Mystery Audits and Forensic Checks to prevent employee fraud in Billing by reducing GST Rate in B2C or B2B Billing
  • Map HSN wise report and invest on Tax Engine at central level for better Tax Management