E-way Bill

Management & Fraud Prevention

Do you know ?

  1. EWB mismatch and disputes can add up to GST demand on your business
  2. Excel Driven EWB process in multiple hands within organization can end up into big mess for your company
  3. Reconciliation of EWB from GST Portal and your Financial Books must before you submit your GST returns
  4. Be Alert of wrong or fake EWB generated using your ID or GST number for someone else shipment
  5. Seizing vehicle and creating GST demand for procedural error in EWB need to be contested if your transaction is genuine and non-evasive
  6. EWB if not rejected by you within 72 hours , will be deemed as if you have delivered or received shipment - so be cautious for mis-use or abuse of EWB in case of in-active GST number or hyper active GST numbers

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