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About Us

GSTStreet is a collaborative Ecosystem of Senior Industry Leaders, Tax Experts , Trainers, ASPs & ERP Solution Providers , Senior Recruiters and HR Specialists , Lawyers and Management Gurus , connect with the common vision and mission of #OneNationOneTax. We call it Your Own GST Ecosystem because everyone here has its own role to play but when we put it together , it unleashes the right energy to take our Country into the next orbit of collaborative Growth.

Founded by Seasoned Industry Professionals and patronized by founders of India’s leading Tax Portal , GSTStreet working in a mission mode for training , connecting experts , tracking latest and best GST Automation solutions and developing cutting edge tools for reducing time and costs in Training for GST & Hiring the right -fit for any Organization. We all know that technology will take away millions of jobs , but why we forget that India is young nation and we will create millions of new opportunities for us to make the best use of Technology by connecting minds for bringing ease of doing business.

We currently offer Industry Ready Trainings & Certifications in GST, Customized Learning Platform, Consulting and Channel Partnerships with leading ASPs and Software Solutions. We are planning to roll out Hiring Zone tool in April 2017 for On-demand hiring of flexi-jobs for GST & allied areas. Our Connect with Experts and Feet on the Street Program is run for providing Best of GST Knowledge to the last mile and serve SME space with our Network of Experts.

GSTStreetmall is first of its kind ecosystem for service & product offerings related to GST and solution search for those who are closely working with GST ASP ,GSP,Vendor,partners and service providers.Our target is to work with all leading GST Apps, Portals, Platforms, ASP and GSP in the country to ensure and protect interests of SME which is backbone for the progress of this country. 

Our Goal  :Right product at Right placee at Right time 

Our Mission :One stop solution for your GST Training & Certifications needs

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