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Frequently Asked Questions

How GSTStreet works ?

GSTStreet is a Ecosystem of Tax Experts, Technologists, ASPs , GSPs , Universities , Faculties, Govt Bodies , Industry Associations, CAs, Lawyers, Sales Tax Practitioners, TRP, Media & Journalists tracking GST evolution.  We are working in mission mode to make #OneNationOneTax successful for all by harnessing power of Sharing Economy.

For GST Vision & Mission watch our Youtube Video link

URL  -

What is your gain for visiting GSTStreet ?

Ans - Every Visitor @GSTStreet can expect help in his/ her GST journey by accessing

1. Best of GST Experts connect

2. Best Consulting & Certification for  Automation packages by leading ASPs and GSPs

3.  Log your Industry concerns in GST Expert Blog  #Idea Box

4.  Get your GST Query Answered by ( AI & ML)

Is busy team going to dispatch installation kit to customer or GST street team ?

We will mail the following items TO Customer and CC to GSTstreet and our nearest Channel Partner:

a) Softlock License File (called Activation Key)

b) Link to download BUSY Software

c) Document - Softlock Installation Process (in PDF Format)

How busy team deploy the solution at client side.

We will connect our nearest Channel Partner to Customer.  If we have a Channel Partner in same city, he will arrange onsite visit for installation / training.  If we don’t have any Channel Partner in that city, our nearest Channel Partner will do the installation and training online (through Team Viewer).

Is busy team charge anything for installation , support and training – Need pricing

Please find below deliverables by us:

 a) One free onsite visit for installation / basic training, if we have a Channel Partner in that city – else online installation / basic training.

b) 30-days online support through Team Viewer

c) One year e-mail / telephonic support

What are Business opportunities @GSTStreet ?

Unlock multiple business opportunities for you @GSTStreet

1. Become GST Trainer or Franchisee @GSTStreet

2. IT Automation Consulting @GSTStreet

3. Become Seller of Automation tools , packages @GSTStreet

4. Promote your Brand , ASP & service offerings @GSTStreet Events

5. Get yourself published at Various partner platforms

6.  Participate in Primary Research Project on GST @GSTStreet

7. Represent Industry Concerns through our Industry Forum Partners

8.  Get your Vendors / Distributors & Staff Trained & Certified with Co-Curated Trainings

9.  Get your business enabled with E-Commerce @GSTStreet

10. Train your Faculty or launch GST Courses with GSTStreet

Why GSTStreet is interesting for GSPs , ASPs and Accounting Packages ?

Ans - GST Transformation is not a mere tax change but it has much more deeper impact in Indian economy due to digitization of transaction level data and cloud based processing , reporting and delivery of data to various stakeholders. It will pose multiple challenges in terms of operations, security , storage , safety , privacy . GSTStreet provide exclusive services of Specialized Contracting , Cloud Storage & Hosting , Idea validation , Risk Management , Security Audit & Certification through our partners who are leading service providers in this completely new space. We are concerned about your business success and our partnership will not only help in selling more but also help you winning the trust of Customer which is most important aspect of building successful brand.  Our Research Wing is working on Whitepaper of India's Leading ASPs and GSPs who are providing automation tools into GST and we will be creating awareness about various utility tools and products to make #OneNationOneTax Journey of India's SME back-bone more successful with this biggest reform.

How Can I register for Trainings , Join Groups or Buy GST Automation Product / Consulting @GSTStreet?

Simply click the relevant section at GSTStreet portal or log on to our E-commerce Partner to register , buy or enquire about any product or service offerings @GSTStreet.

How can I get my GST Queries Answered @GSTStreet ?

Asking Queries is your fundamental right and we appreciate it . That is why in all GSTStreet training our registered participants ( those who have paid fees on-line using ) gets an opportunity to raise 3 Question even before attending the Event. our team direct these queries to experts and they give your answers in the Event.  We believe in #1 Training and #1 Experience.

We don't stop here , even after event if you have any doubt about any concept or scenario in GST , feel free to write to us at  or post your query at our partner site to get yourself pampered with Expert Answers.   True Value for Money Deals @GSTStreet

How Can I choose my right ASPs or GSPs via GSTStreet ?

We have partnered with India's leading ASPs and GSPs and will be adding more of them in near future.  We provide expert consulting , comparison analysis by understanding your business need and growth vision.  Choice of Automation is a serious matter and any wrong decision can impact your business adversely to the extent of Closure due to non-compliance or wrong compliance.  you deserve the best therefore , we have no choice but to deal with the tantrums of all premium service providers in the market.  Our Team keep track of who's who in the market so that we give you deeper product insight ( as available in public domain)  by cutting through the complex maze of marketing gimmicks.  Our Partner ASPs and GSPs offer their best deals @GSTStreet and we will negotiate hard with them for you because we value your relationship with GSTStreet as your own #GST Ecosystem. 

 Does GSTStreet help in providing IT Consulting or Implementation Support ?

GST is a specialized subject and syncing up your process , systems , documentation with the new legal requirement is primordial task for your IT teams and Finance Teams. Your internal bandwidth may not have sufficient time to visualize all possible pitfalls which may arise if you have not contemplated in your customization or Business requirement document placed before your Vendors. Our Domain Experts and Certified System partners will help you with strategic consulting in this area by aligning with your existing Vendors / partners from Domain expertise stand-point.  your Success is our goal if you believe that nothing great comes free in this world, our pricing will not disappoint you.

What Marketing & Branding support I can expect from GSTStreet Network ?

Best part of sharing economy and Network Economy is that it optimizes your efforts to achieve success. We can plan together about Brand Positioning, Target Customer , Problem Statement , Internet & Digital Marketing, Community Building , E-Commerce, Social Selling, Influencer Marketing , Media , Channel & Distribution Planning, Franchising Support. It all depends upon your Business plan , Budget and Aspiration to grow within your target segment. GSTStreet will have something for you . Feel free to write to us or create an enquiry at

5. Get GST impact Study for SME by

6. Get Premium & Expert Content powered by

7.  Meet your Hiring Needs at Hiring Zone ( Coming Soon)

8.  Get Industry Ready Customized Trainings designed @GSTStreet

9.  Re-skill your Staff , Vendors , Distributors and Key Stakeholders with Ministry of Skill Development Certification

10. Join Industry Specific Exclusive GST Knowledge Group and Knowledge Tours @GSTStreet