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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How GSTStreet works ?

GSTStreet is a Ecosystem of Tax Experts, Technologists, ASPs , GSPs , Universities , Faculties, Govt Bodies , Industry Associations, CAs, Lawyers, Sales Tax Practitioners, TRP, Media & Journalists tracking GST evolution.  We are working in mission mode to make #OneNationOneTaxOneMarket successful for all by harnessing positive power of Sharing Economy.

For GST Vision & Mission watch our You tube Video link

URL  -

Q2 Why should I join GSTStreet Network ?

Ans - No Joining Fees - No Exit Load , Open Network for Best in class professional firms , Tax Portals , Service Brands and Technology partners willing to work in Shared environment to optimize ultimate customer satisfaction.

Q3 What are Business opportunities @GSTStreet ?

Unlock multiple business opportunities for you @GSTStreet

1. Become GST Trainer @GSTStreet Academy

2. Grow your IT Automation Consulting @GSTStreet

3. Refer Products & Services & Earn  @GSTStreet

4. Promote your Brand , ASP & service offerings @GSTStreet Events

5. Get yourself published as expert at Various partner platforms / Portals

6.  Participate in Primary Research Projects on GST @GSTStreet

7. Represent your Industry's issues in private communities @GSTStreet

8.  Get your Vendors / Distributors & Staff Trained & Certified with Customized Training Programs

9.  Get your business enabled , Partner on-boarding , E-Commerce Strategy fixed by our experts

10. Share Senior resources on Retainer basis in Areas of Finance, Legal, Tax, Operations, HR , Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Business Advisory, International M&A , Negotiation, Arbitration etc

Q4 Is GSTStreet is GSPs , ASPs or Accounting Package ?

Ans - No , We provide consulting of all leading GSP, ASP and ERP/Accounting packages to enable you choose the best fit.

Q5 I am GST / Business  Coach & Trainer and want to register my trainings / events on GSTStreet , Can I do this ?

Yes, you can do this by writing to us at and provide your Event Details and Sign up form. Our team will help in registering your first event / training and also activate Do-it-Yourself id after on-boarding.

Q6 How can I get my GST Queries Answered by experts @GSTStreet ?

We have multiple ways and means to connect you with best of experts like Phone, E-mail , Private Community , Short Meetings, Calendar Invites , Networking Events, One to One Session. But we recommend you to write to us at so that our team can help you the best approach to meet your consulting needs and selection of right expertise required by you.

Q7 How do you help ASP , ERP and GSP partner @GSTStreet ?

We provide Complimentary Whitepapers and Research papers to our users with detail framework and feet on the street research fruits shared with everyone. Our Battle Card and Crisp comparison will help you see which one meet your needs and you can avail best offers by using our consulting team help , we are fostering a culture of logical decision making by consulting experts instead of taking gut feel based decisions when it involves investment in any new software , change management, licensing, negotiating long term contracts.

Q8 Do you provide IT Consulting, Implementation Support , Website - Mobile app Development  ?

Yes we do have expert partners across India and overseas who are capable of providing these services in their own area of expertize. But we do not list them like business directory , we understand your business need and then recommend the best to you so that you do not waste your time of endless research giving vague responses. We do confidential rating and keep track of their customer satisfaction index by 360 degree feedback system of GSTStreet , so that you get best services and they get best testimonials from customers like you.

Q9 What Marketing & Branding or Mentorship support one can expect from GSTStreet Network ?

Brand is every day need , it is like a plant which need to be nurtured every day to grow like a tree. So our experts will help you create your social , professional and personal branding. We have Business Mentorship program , Memory & Focus @work , Senior leadership guaranteed success programs by experts from LMI , PMI , Gallop , IIMs , IITs , Harvard background with decades of Industry experience to provide hand-holding to you from any business / personal situation with full confidentiality maintained.

Q10 where do I go for any service Quality issue while dealing with GSTStreet Partner ?

Write to me personally at if you are not satisfied with any of GSTStreet Partner or employee services and we will make sure to convert your grievance into customer satisfaction through logical steps on priority.

Our Network and its Customers are Supreme to us and reason why we exists to deliver service in Shared Economy.