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Shipping & Delivery Policy

Delivery and Shipping Policy 

  1. Sellers should ship out or provide subscription code to the extent applicable for all orders within 5business days to avoid cancellation and update the status of each such order through an appropriate electronic communication.
  2. In case of training, test, certification and other services (excluding tool, GST tech packages), the delivery of the services will be the 1st date of the commencement of such services or as decided by the instructor / trainer attending particular training in the LIVE / Offline / On-line/ Expert Group Class.
  3. Sellers will themselves ensure delivery of physical products to the Buyer through an appropriate courier or postal service with due acknowledgement of acceptance of delivery by the Buyer.
  4. In case of GST tools or tech packages, the delivery of products or service subscription will be the date when delivery actually happens to the Buyer or upon receipt of email acknowledgement from the buyer in case subscription code is sent through electronic communication.