Our Clients are looking for Process Automation , Tax Education & Consulting sessions with Domain Experts to enable their GST Value Chain for 100% Compliance.

We grew ourselves to 400+ Experts from diverse field , supported 12 Languages , worked with Leading ASPs /GSPs , Publishers, Govt. Officials, CII, NACEN, NIESBUD, Industry Associations, TaxSutra, Media Partners, GST Portals & Apps , Authors, ERPs and Universities , feet on the street to make #OneNationOneTaxOneMarket successful and obsessed about delivering research based quality service to our clients always.

Collaboration is the key because it is not possible to employ so many leading experts and professionals , neither it is feasible to on-board 100s of employees when the law itself is evolving and simplifying. So we focus our attention towards speciality services like ITC Matching & Resolutions, EWB Reconciliation, GST Trainings, Litigation review , Health Checks and Supporting Clients in whatever they don't want to do it themselves and need to outsource.

GSTStreet work with Big 4 and Big 10 Partners , Authors , Tax Bots makers, Publishers , Robotic Process Automation Companies and GST Shared Service Providers to discover innovative ways to bring value on the table for clients with ownership and high ROI in terms optimization of resources and talent which is always in demand.

Founded by Rishabh Sawansukha with his two decades of Industry experience as Tax Expert . He started with All India Training Drive with CII and PHD Chambers in GST with 192 GST Experts and conducted 200+ events touching 5000+ corporate feet on the street with GST Research. Today GSTStreet has become a synonym for handling complex GST Research and our shared ecosystem including Litigation Support Services is proud to roll out innovative tools and solutions for 100% compliance.

Contact or Call 9873416002 for meeting over cup of coffee to discuss your Industry Problems , Concerns and perspective on any complex GST issue.

GSTStreet is a Shared Economy Venture who work with Expert Partners and Clients to discover innovative solution in Compliance , Automation and Litigation Support. We do provide services in GST Consulting by leveraging Vast Pool of "Domain " and "Industry" experts we have from more than 20 large sectors like FMCG, Oil & Gas, E-Commerce , Technology , EPC , Transport and many more.