Global Shared Services

What ? Why ? How?

Do you have India Advantage in your P&L ?

What is Shared Service ?

Peter has a back office in India for his Global Business operations. He is smart enough to save support staff cost by choosing TaxStreet Shared Services for

1. Accounting ( RealBooks )

2. Payroll and Reimbursement Processing

3. Tax Compliance & Filing ( Direct & Indirect Taxes)

4. Vendor Payment ( Accounts Payable)

5. Customer Collection ( Accounts Receivable)

6. Reconciliations ( Financial, Tax & Commercial)

7. Customized MIS & FP&A Support

Why Shared Service ?

Power of Shared Economy is well known today and you get advantage of both Quality and Price with us. We are 400+ strong network of curated and hand-picked partner whose capability and credibility is well known. We take full responsibility of serving you because we will not start work without agreeing upon the SoW in detail.

How ?

Write to me ( if you have

1. Offices or Business in multi-country

2. Issues with managing F&A (lack of automation)

3. Issues in hiring & retaining talent in Tax, Technology and Financial Planning , critical for your success

4. Issues in knowing financial health of your business ( Profits, Cash Flow, Project performance , Financial Ratios , Liquidity management )

5. Desire to bring your business at par with Globally best and face competition successfully

We will set-up your Financial - Accounting- Tax System with mobile ready MIS , automatically available to you real time , powered by RealBooks.

TaxStreets Global Shared Services is founded by and and Supported by 400+ Partners worldwide.

Countries Supported by TaxStreets Global Shared Services Ecosystem

1. United States of America ( USA )

2. United Kingdom (UK)

3. United Arab Emirates ( UAE)

4. Hongkong

5. Singapore

6. Canada

7. Australia

Partnership Open for

8. Africa Region

9. ASEAN Region

10. Rest of Europe

Recommended Solutions ( Tax + Technology)

For MSME - Real Books

For Large Companies - OneSource by Thomsen Reuters