Global Shared Services

Your Needs ?

Centre of Excellence to meet your emerging needs for compliance in the areas of Customs , Transfer Pricing, Tax Management, Business Contract , Dispute Resolution , Client Delivery (professional services) , Accounting & Reconciliations, and Capturing right technology at right time for your company's sustainable and profitable growth. Easier said than done ?

How we can help you ?

Power of Shared Economy is well known today and we will leverage it for you with innovation , robotic process automation and commitment to deliver by laser sharp focus on training and process development. You are not alone with us because it is 400+ strong network of seasoned experts in consortium to help you meet your goals world-wide. Think Global but Act Local is the mantra today , so we will help you in ideating, planning, designing , building and operating your own Global Shared Services Center under "Shared Ecosystem". Write to if you are thinking of leveraging power of network and bet on Indian Talent to deliver best services in Business, Tax, Technology , Litigation and Consulting. We are adding 8.1 Million young minds every month in our vibrant & smart millennial work-force in India and ready to deliver wonders with the help of 400+ seasoned experts in Global Ecosystem.

Outcome ?

1. Total Cost Optimization

2. Lowest Leverage Ratio for better client servicing

3. Flexible Operating & Partnership Models

4. Diverse & Complimenting Team of Seasoned Experts / Firms / Networks

5. Jaipur , Gurgaon and Ahemdabad Operational ( Kanpur & Ludhiana coming soon )

6. Gain Ability to think and deliver 4th generation product and tools in AI, IOT , Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation

Future of Accounting is not merely recording and reporting of Data. It is complete waste of energy if business owners can't make use of Data and business intelligence created directly from books of accounts to take timely decisions.

We collaborated with RealBooks to provide Implementation and shared business management services using smart tools for your accounting, compliance , planning and analysis needs.

RealBooks is simple , professional and smart way of managing your accounting without accountant even !

Ask your Accountants to go for RealBooks and render smart accounting services to you.

write to for business partnership , implementation support , Training, B2B Services with process automation using AI /IOT and Blockchain for large and mid-size companies.

Why Bizstreet ?

Founded by veterans from Industry with experience of managing large scale operations both front end and back office in companies like TCS (US) , Infosys, Schlumberger, Oracle, Avalara, Coca-Cola, Snapdeal , IBM, GE , Indian Oil Corporation , Glaxo Smithkline , EY , PwC (UK) , Deloitte (UK) , Arthur Andersen (UAE) , Accenture and Computer Associates.

Concept of Shared Service Center is not new and large multinationals like Oracle, IBM , Microsoft, Shell , Barclays etc has implemented it in-house successfully and professional services firms like Accenture , EY , Deloitte are offering these services to its large client base.

Global Compliance Shared Services is concetualized with the principle of "shared ecosystem" , where client gets best of services customized to its need and focus shifts from run of the mill services to high value and value added services like Tax Management, Business Transformation , Litigation Support , Supply Chain & Custom Management. Scaled up version includes Dedicated Set-up for Client wherein Planning - Designing - Building - Operationalizing is managed by very senior experts from the 400+ strong ecosystem of under a long term contract / consortium model .

Skill to Scale and Spped with Accuracy is the mantra and focus is on providing WeWork like shared benefits with agility of Alibaba and Quality assurance of Amazon & Speed of Matchmaking like "Uber". Consulting is not commodity , so we do not believe in Marketplace model to deliver quality of service. Our Clients ( Large & Mid-Size companies) are serviced by dedicated expert partners only. Our Focus is on B2B Servicing Project by Project.